50 Lies: The Consensus Device

manufactured consensus

The first set of lies concern how Progressives define a consensus, and what the New York Times means when they say All The News That’s Fit To Print. They exclude those who’ve not attended their list of top schools and those who’ve not demonstrated support for the Progressive agenda. For example, I have no opinion on Global Warming; maybe man’s CO2 is a huge problem. Still, allow me to review Al Gore’s Consensus Of Scientists argument. He only includes scientists who have been “properly” vetted. These qualified scientist work for universities who depend on government grants. These scientists would have their university careers ruined if they expressed doubts on Global Warming. I will list examples in the appendix. This does not disprove Global Warming, but it does expose Al’s “consensus” as having been manufactured.

Progressives apply this filtering logic in other places. A consensus of economists believe we have to spend money to save money; but that consensus filtered out those who disagreed. A consensus of journalists claims they have no bias against Republicans because if any Republican supports their Progressive agenda, then they will support that Republican. See? No bias! Similarly, Democrats who step out of line with the Progressive Narrative will be immediately and harshly disciplined. Democrats who stray will be treated just like Republicans; no bias. This does not happen too often (as you might expect) but you can Google why Lawrence Summers resigned as President of Harvard in 2006. Related, the only journalists “fit” to have an opinion work for the NYT, CNN, and the assorted Main Stream Media cartels where members have been screened and are monitored for loyalty. Consider the way Juan Williams was fired by PBS. Progressives rigorously enforce loyalty, and their explicit and implicit claims of consensus must be understood: this is a self-defined group that is agreeing with itself.

Lies related to The Consensus Device:

1. A consensus in the university/media circles is a consensus for the nation.

  • This is said so frequently and so confidently it almost feels like the truth.

2. Recipients of government funding are not influenced by the money.

  • Progressives are so noble they are not affected by fame or fortune.
  • Progressives keep discipline in their ranks by promoting or excluding people according to how well they comply with the agenda.

3. A consensus of government-funded scientists is the equivalent of scientific proof.

  • Einstein had to prove E=MC2 using the classic hypothesis/experiment method. Consensus was how science “proved” the earth was flat.

4. The “transparency” concept is only judged by MSM, such as the NYT, NBC, etc.

  • Only the Ivy League, Washington, New York, and Hollywood have valid opinions.
  • The Progressives are very smart & they will think for us. For example, lobbyists are okay, but only for Democratic administrations.

5. Diversity” means many races and genders all advocating the Progressive agenda.

  • A close look at PC Diversity reveals it does not support minorities, but rather a political agenda.


Do not be fooled when experts suggest everyone agrees, because this is usually pure manipulation. I covered this set first so that what follows can be free of the most primary of their Jedi Mind Tricks: A Consensus of Elites is not a consensus at all!

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The Consensus Device
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