50 Lies: The Core

Next we review their core lies. These are also used as the foundation for their other deceptions:

6. The media is, or was, objective.

  • Throughout history, newspaper and radio organizations have been loyal to specific political agendas. There used to be a robust competition between Western and Progressive political brands, but the Western voices faded after World War Two until the Internet sparked a resurgence. The Progressives still pose as neutral, and Fox News claims Fair And Balanced. These poses are understandable in a competitive market, but not accurate.
  • In truth OBJECTIVE is just how they hold everyone accountable to the Progressive movement. No matter how well someone might have served the mission in the past, any new deviation will be punished as severely whether for an old friend or for any other problematic person.

7. Remote elites can make better decisions than average local people.

  • The birth of Progressive-ism: Those who attend ultra-exclusive Universities came to have enormous confidence and pride in their superiority.
  • However, life is so enormously complicated that committees of geniuses cannot make better decisions than do millions of average people who know more about their personal situations.
  • History shows intelligence sometimes leads to terrible errors, including Communism, Fascism, Wars and Depressions.
  • Being great at academics is like being a grand master chess champion; it is impressive, but unconnected to other skills such running corporations or cities. Outside of the academic world, the term “academic” is not a compliment.

8. Corporations are more corrupt than government.

  • The Progressive elites believe they won’t be corrupted. This is how pride works.
  • The Government is a monopoly that legally uses force, such as police & prisons. Power invites corruption!
  • While corporations compete for profits, governments seek to retain and expand power.

Note: This is why corrupting GREED is presented by Progressives as posing a bigger threat than is corrupting POWER. I will address the lies surrounding greed and power later.

9. All values are equal; there is no Objective Truth

  • Some Progressives wanted to “clear the slate” of most old-country values so they could more easily replace them with Progressive values. The irony of trying to prove that nothing can be proved was apparently lost on these intellectuals.
  • All cultures remembered by history prize a few certain values, such as honesty, bravery, and loyalty. Those who argue against Objective Truths pick different examples to show we have relative values, but just because SOME values are relative does not mean ALL values are!
  • Scientist Stephen Hawking is a darling of the Progressives. He has said there is no reality at all.


Progressives crafted these Narrative deceptions to help them trick people into granting them the enormous power they feel they deserve, having been top graduates from top universities.

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