Natural Law

50 Lies: Anarchy

Does the far right really tend towards anarchy?

Religion induces nervousness in many, but relax, it won’t jump off the pages of history and chide you. The Church used to be about more than sin and salvation. It was more about community & charity: building barns, helping the sick and elderly, etc. Significantly, it also used to provide the court system. In old Europe the kings had no interest in helping people settle disputes, so the church would provide an objective opinion. For more than 1,000 years the church developed Common Law with precedents, logic, and fairness. It was not based on who was the best Christian or the most wealthy. The ideal was Blind Justice, our familiar Lady Justice who holds the scales. They embraced and evolved the quaint notion that elites and royalty have no more rights than do the common man in the “eyes” of the law.

The church’s justice was very different from “things the king wants” including taxes and compulsive military drafts. Having the royals take freely from the peasants, that is called Positive Law or Political Law. A bully taking what he wants is as old as man. Taxation without representation… forced military service… the quartering of soldiers in citizen’s homes… these can be the laws citizens resent most. The laws in the church system covered things such as not stealing or trespassing, these are king my stuff or the popular side of law, natural law or scientific law. Today we are not taught there are these two types, but the Common Law was the basis of Jefferson’s Certain Unalienable Rights.

Not many wonder why Progressives are so strongly opposed to religion. And yet, the dislike appears to run deeper than the PROGRESS gang tussling with the Old Guard. Consider the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were based on the church’s legal system, sometimes called common, scientific, or natural law. These laws ware about restricting power and protecting rights… negative liberties… things that get in the way of the Progressives.

Below are lies related to anarchy:

10. Very Conservative people favor anarchy.

  • Conservatives love Natural Law while distrusting and opposing many instances of Positive Law aka Political Law.

11. Religious Conservatives want to use Government Power to proselytize their faith.

  • There is a difference between supporting generic religion institutions and wanting to use the government to instill any favorite brand of Christianity. The Founders embraced generic religion but made sure there could be no national religion, and modern day Conservatives agree.
  • Progressives use the power of Government to advance their agenda, which includes marginalizing Religion.
  • The word Higher in Higher Power referred to the elevation of the citizen’s rights above the King’s whims. For instance, the phrase A Man’s Home is His Castle says even the King may not order a citizen to be host for the King’s soldiers.

12. The Constitution supports a Separation of Church and State.

  • Such language does not exist in the 4,608 words of the Constitution. The concept was used successfully for the first time in 1947 by a Progressive Supreme Court, using just a letter written by Thomas Jefferson from 1802.

13. The Supreme Court has used its final authority to protect the Constitution.

  • The Court has reversed itself repeatedly in our history, and it is just another powerful political tool used by our two party system.


The Progressives century-old feud with religion started with the Common Law developed by the church over centuries because it protected the rights of the common man. This was the origin of Certain Unalienable Rights… Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and it is the notion of unalienable that offends the Elitists who object to limitations on the powers they feel they deserve. Finally, note that Common Law has been largely dropped from the curriculum, in spite of its on-going significance. Progressives control the assorted curricula of the Western world.

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