Fundamental Transformation

50 Lies: Fundamental Transformation

I might love a small grove of trees and still chop it down to build a new home… but I would not do this because of my love for the grove. Progressives who claim they love the USA, as they attempt to virtually shred the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, are expressing a lumberjack’s love for the forest.

Most of the Progressive Elites were the best students who joined the movement. Advancement in that group requires a top intellect, as demonstrated by the ability to communicate and champion the Progressive’s Narrative. They are “the best of the best” in creating propaganda. Even for them, claiming that patriotism lies behind their drive to fundamentally transform the USA is astonishing. Some say the BIG LIE is easier to promote than smaller lies. Below are some lies related to the Progressive’s desire to change the USA:

14. It makes sense to want to fundamentally transform something you love.

  • Let’s review a short list other examples of loved things that were deliberately fundamentally changed: Page not found!

15. Laws and Government can change human nature.

  • Assorted Progressive laws only make sense if we assume people will be “fundamentally transformed” by the law. For instance, there is more crimes committed using guns in the US where gun ownership is heavily restricted. As much as we loathe criminals using guns, unmutable is the fact that criminals will use guns – especially when they know they have the only gun in the vicinity.

16. Compromise is usually good.

  • Those wishing steal are often open to stealing a lesser amount, or “half now and half later.” This is good for the thief, but not for the victim.

17. Good intentions are more important than actual results.

  • Those promoting “change” prefer that no one pay attention to the damage done by those changes.

18. The executive powers of government can be separated from the political arena.

  • Progressives want us to think that assorted Executive Orders are not related to their “war on property”

19. Education fosters character development.

  • Certain educational paths foster good character, but history shows that a program of top prep schools followed by Ivy League University training is not helpful in this regard. The alumni of those institutions would have us believe otherwise, but too many students were instead trained to ignore any and all moral implications: standard practice for the entire legal profession.


We all want to improve the things we love, but wanting to fundamentally change something runs opposed to love. Consider how the Progressives use this naked propaganda to change the meaning of words. The words change and forward have been core tools of Communism and Socialism since Karl Marx became  a popular theme in our Western Universities.

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