50 Lies Believed By Others

Quote: It is easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled.

Obvious, right? Political Parties use propaganda. Here is an example where the paint’s not yet dry. The word RACIST is being redefined. In the top University circles only white Westerners can be racists, by their new definition. An oppressed minority can, for example, hate & hurt anyone of the dominant race for the express reason that they hate that race, and this is not racism according to the new definition. I will explain why they do this later. Another example: suddenly tolerance means not tolerating opposing views. Let that sink in.

There have been many changes. I’ve been reading and I’ve been shocked. Things we learned early feel like universal truths. First let me review the framework of who has been changing things, and why.

There have been two main groups in the West, each with a competing value system. They have only a rough correlation to political parties or the labels Liberal and Conservative. Obviously, being clear will be a challenge since certain words have new meanings.

  • The Progressives want “progress” meaning change… to change away from core Western values.
  • What some Conservatives want is to preserve and restore those values.

The Main Stream Media is Progressive. When they claim they are unbiased, they mean they objectively compare every politician, regardless of party, to their set of Progressive values. When a Republican such as Teddy Roosevelt or John McCain holds some Progressive values, then the MSM reviews how they fit their agenda and will embrace them accordingly. They consider some of the Western values to be illegitimate & they have no desire to “objectively” consider them at all. The Conservatives are puzzled by the Progressive value system & are not amused at these claims of objectivity. Conservatives have been terrible communicators and have not been able to explain this.

I will be using the label Conservative, but keep in mind that some people, such as John McCain, have been erroneously called Conservative when they also call themselves Progressive. This is a deliberate distortion and it is meant to be confusing. Allow me to present the differences between these competitors. At a high level:

Conservative: Historically governments abuse citizens and use their power to gain more power. Citizens acting freely make better decisions than elite central planners.

Progressive: Very intelligent and well-educated elites can better direct Society, especially with minimal Constitutional restraints and with a great deal of power and flexibility.

This would be a fair debate… if… if only people were educated on the details without propaganda. The deceptions run deep.

When did Political Correctness begin? Many think in the 90s, others in the 60s. Its much older than that. It was born in the Universities, and the origins are well documented but not widely known. The purpose is to change the way we think: propaganda. PC is not about being nice. The early changes now feel very natural, and I will have a devil of a time convincing you that you were sold a bunch of malarkey. In fact, even the way we were taught to think about all this… is flawed.

Do you even want to know? You are no doubt comfortable with your current beliefs. Re-evaluating is hard work. Awkward. Do you want the Red pill, or the Blue pill? Do you want to see how far down this rabbit hole goes? You should either close this now, or continue our journey with the Ghost of Christmas Past….


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