Deliberate Distortion

50 Lies: Racism

I’ve made two claims about  the Progressive leaders: First, they are elite academics with hairball ideas, and second, they have world-class propaganda skills. The history of Socialism and Communism has been ruthlessly clear, leaving the Professors to claim their true genius could make it work this time. Decide for yourself when a truly special ruling intelligentsia has arrived to lead us to utopia… but what about my second claim? Just how good are these guys at propaganda?  Consider this…

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act 1965 were supported by more Republicans and opposed by more Democrats. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican until his assassination in 1968. The KKK was born as a tool of the Democratic Party to fight the GOP and to suppress blacks. Lincoln was elected to curtail slavery and signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863.

The propaganda says the GOP enacted a Southern Strategy in the late 1960’s, and embraced racism. The actual strategy was the Democrats  accusing the GOP, accusations buttressed by the Progressive Media. The chief evidence is that the loyalty of Blacks switched to support the Democrats. That switch, however, does not by itself support any theory of WHY the switch occurred.

Note that George Wallace was a perennial Democratic candidate for President and was a committed segregationist until 1983. Only in 1993 did Democratic Senator icon Robert Byrd declare his leadership position in the KKK had been his greatest mistake.

Here are some of the more prominent Progressive lies about Racism:

20. The GOP has a long history of racism. 

  • The GOP has had fewer racists prior to 1970 and since then has merely opposed the large increases of taxing and spending.

21. Opposing government intervention and spending equates to hating the recipients of the programs.

  • Pure propaganda. So obvious it seems like it wouldn’t work, which might explain why Conservatives have not bothered to make an effective argument against it.

22. Opposing Affirmative Action is, by definition, racist.

  • The notion the Government is an untrustworthy agent is supported if one reads into the truly racist policies of past presidents including Woodrow Wilson (who re-segregated the Federal employees as he took office in 1913) and FDR (who sent 120,000 Japanese-Americans to internment camps)  is hardly racist or even unreasonable.

23. Minorities, by definition, only include groups historically victimized by Western Whites, and minorities cannot be, by definition, racists.

  • This is said to defuse the nearly omnipresent observation that nearly all overt old-school racism is now committed by non-Whites.
  • Giving minorites a “pass” is required to keep 90% voting for Democrats.


What really changed? The Democratic Party suddenly supported racial quota’s and an ever-expanding welfare state. The Republicans opposed the associated spending and tax increases. There were racists in all parties, but the GOP never supported Jim Crow laws or segregation to the extent as the Democrats in any election cycle. But, because of the world’s best propaganda machine, just by opposing increased government control, the GOP has been branded as racist.

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