Gangs To Govt

50 Lies: Theft and Government

Public educators teach a romantic view of benevolent Government, but the history of Government reveals it to be the number one provider of death, even if one excludes all war deaths. Governments did not spring up peaceably in primitive civilizations to help with police, soldiers, roads, and banks. Instead, organized bandits moved in to plunder, collect taxes and suit themselves. For a modern example of how this happens take a close look at the least civilized places in the USA: Urban gang lands. The most violent and least principled men make the rules. While I am not suggesting the current Western Governments are mere gangsters, I am saying the underlying forces of government have only posed as benevolent.

24. A well-intentioned government can safely protect us from bad speech.

  • Watch all those who argue for government control of political speech. It is a natural line of thought, especially by those who love abusing power.
  • The Republican co-sponsor of the Campaign Laws that perverted political speech and spawned the assorted “501” groups was (surprise) the Progressive John McCain, who just happened to be the candidate to lose to the Progressive Barack Obama.

25. Spending on government wages encourages private sector growth.

  • One of the more ludicrous reasons offered by someone reaching for things they did not earn.

26. Raising other people’s taxes is akin to giving personal charity.

  • Could the self-serving nature of this argument by any more clear?
  • Hoping to increase my karma by forcing others to give is a hideous form of selfishness. 

27. Legally owned guns make society more dangerous.

  • The areas with the most restrictive gun laws have the most crimes.
  • Gangster Governments have been the most aggressive in removing guns from its “victizens”. 

28. People opposing big government are prone to violence.

  • Re-read your history: Governments are prone to violence.


The facade of honesty projected by government officials disintegrates at the first glance. Our government has only been different only to the degree that it’s citizens have understood things like Checks & Balances, the Bill of Rights, there is no free lunch, and our skeptical traditions. Note that the current trend of instilling hatred for the other party is mainly a technique to induce supporters to overlook vast deceptions.

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