50 Lies: American Exceptionalism

Straw-man propaganda: Pretend the target is something different, then attack that new target.

American Exceptionalism … No, it’s not about winning wars, putting American Natives on reservations, and celebrating slavery. The “exception” in American Exceptionalism comes from our nations’ origin. The USA was founded expressly to create a Government with much less power than its predecessor. Rebelling against tyranny is so common one could argue that History starts with the study of such conflicts. When the rebels win, they note that while the old tyrants abused their powers, the new winners won’t. In the USA the exception was the attempt to make a government that can’t abuse its powers because they legally limited their new government.

The common deception about “America The Bully” is ironic in that while mistakes were made, the intention of our Founders was to PREVENT such abuses. The cure for bullying is not to try to elect morally superior people, but to limit the bully’s opportunities, to return to the Founder’s Intentions more vigorously. For instance, legalized slavery was a compromise that was protected until 1808, when many hoped the legal process to end slavery would being.

Who would promote the notion that American Exceptionalism is Bully-ism, and why? The WHY tells the WHO: The goal is to weaken the legal limits and to allow the US Government to act without constraint. The Statist Progressive wants the State to have unlimited power, although in any one election cycle they will only claim to want MORE power. Always more power….

All people, movements, and governments have flaws. This is the reason behind Limited Government. For the Progressives, though, these flaws only matter when found in their opponents. For example, Che Guevara is a hero because he fought for Communism and against property rights. That he was also an avowed racist who wrote that Negros were animals who could be slaughtered, this is not significant to the Fellow Travelers supporting Communism. That Guevara murdered many dozens of innocent people is irrelevant. Meanwhile, the fact that about one-third of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence owned slaves – that alone is enough to discredit our Founding Principles.

The substance of American Exceptionalism contends Limited Government, limited both in its ability to infringe on our personal liberties and on the economy, promotes a strong, proud, and free society comprised of rugged individuals who tend to be happy and productive.

The lies associated with American Exceptionalism:

29. American Exceptionalism is about being a bully.

  • Instead it is about how keeping the government restrained leads to exceptional results. It is about anti-bullying.

30. American Exceptionalism is proven unworthy by slavery and by broken treaties with American Natives.

  • Meanwhile all other leaders and thinkers are immune to mundane details, such as racial genocide.

31. Mocking American Exceptionalism is patriotic.

  • Deriding the core values of our origins is the anti-thesis of pride and love.

32. Admirers of American Exceptionalism are mainly poorly educated dunces.

  • Another technique of propaganda seeks to impugn the adversary, especially useful when the facts oppose your argument.

33. American Exceptionalism is linked to Racism.

  • Progressives suggest advocates of Limited Government want to deny suffrage to minorities and eventually return to legalized slavery.

34. American Exceptionalism it proven flawed because its creators and advocates are flawed.

  • Again, it is a rhetorical device based on a logical flaw that suggests an ARGUMENT inherits the flaws of the MESSENGER. This is not a valid argument, though, and when people employ such tricks it is fair to ask if they don’t have a worthy argument to make.

35. The flaws of those associated with American Exceptionalism are more damning than the flaws of all other people.

  • Even if the flaws of the Founders did reflect poorly their values, striking is how much larger sins and crimes against humanity of assorted Progressives are oddly immaterial to their philosophies.


We don’t think Americans are better people, but instead that we’ve enjoyed a better method (Limited Government) which would work for any nation. This set of lies were advanced because the heart of American Exceptionalism is Limited Government, while the heart of Progressivism is Expanded Government. The propaganda ironically uses the very types of abuses the Founders wanted to limit.

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