ALICE: Hatter, I’m confused. I was excited about my vote when the Dormouse shot me a dirty look.
MAD HATTER: What vote?

ALICE: I supported helping some needy people.
MAD HATTER: What did you give up, to be so excited?

ALICE: Well nothing, it’s just a new tax.
MAD HATTER: If you are not giving up your own stuff, why do you feel good?

ALICE: It’s charity, to help people.
MAD HATTER: Alice, its not charity to force others to give.

ALICE: What if I also pay the tax?
MAD HATTER: It is still wrong to force others to do the same.

MAD HATTER: Forcing others is bullying, always.

ALICE: Others were also celebrating.
MAD HATTER: Bullies love to make others do things, and they love to pretend they’ve done something good.

ALICE: This seems complicated.
MAD HATTER: The rule is simple… you may stop people from using force, but you may not force them to do good things.

ALICE: Oh Hatter, you’ve made me feel bad now. I am mad at you.
MAD HATTER: Ironically, it usually works like that.

ALICE: Whatever.




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