Alice: We need to check out something the Queen of Hearts has said.
Mad Hatter: Oh, excellent; we have an Expert for that.

Alice: Where can we find this Expert?
Mad Hatter: He is conveniently located just outside the Royal Palace!

Alice: That is convenient, but isn’t the rent there quite expensive?
Mad Hatter: Well, the Chief Royal Expert can certainly afford it!

Alice: You suggest we should verify information from the Queen by using her Chief Expert?
Mad Hatter: Everyone says he is the best!

Alice: But of course he will agree with the Queen, right?
Mad Hatter: No doubt, the Queen relies on the best Experts. This is why her laws are always great.

Alice: The Queen’s laws seem great, but mainly for the Queen.
Mad Hatter: Well, what did you expect?

Alice: Oh dear, this is not going to work. Are there any other Experts?
Mad Hatter: Of course! They live just down the street from the Chief Royal Expert.

Alice: And I assume they were also chosen by the Queen?
Mad Hatter: Well, that is how one becomes an Expert.

Alice: I see.
Mad Hatter: I suggest you keep that under your hat.




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