ALICE: Hatter, the White Rabbit and the Dormouse argued, each saying the other was greedy. It was confusing.
MAD HATTER: There are two definitions of GREED. Originally, GREED was referring to one of the Ten Commandments – about not coveting, wanting, what you did not earn.

ALICE: That was the White Rabbit’s position.
MAD HATTER: Then I assume the Dormouse thought it was about not earning more than is needed.

ALICE: Correct. But who decides what is needed?
MAD HATTER: In the new definition, anyone who covets your stuff can call YOU greedy.

ALICE: That is the exact opposite! I knew it was confusing!
MAD HATTER: It is both confusing and wicked, on purpose. It is a demand that you “share” what you earned with those who’ve not earned.

ALICE: Won’t people just stop earning so much?
MAD HATTER: That is the problem. If I earn more it even helps you – I could hire you to bring me tea. What I earn will be traded with others, and everyone who works ends up being a little better off.

ALICE: Don’t say that to the Dormouse, or he’ll become quite cross.
MAD HATTER: Maybe the Dormouse should get a job.

ALICE: He’d rather just take stuff from the White Rabbit.
MAD HATTER: Which gives him plenty of time to redefine words like GREED.




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