ALICE: Hatter, does everyone have a right to own things?
MAD HATTER: It depends on who you believe. The Queen says it is her decision.

ALICE: Oh dear, people change their minds all the time! What is the other view?
MAD HATTER: I think each person has a right to own what they work for.

ALICE: Even if the Queen wants it?
MAD HATTER: Yes, this is called a Natural Right to Property.

ALICE: Why is it Natural?
MAD HATTER: Some Rights existed before there was any government, those are sometimes called Natural.

ALICE: What does the Queen call them?
MAD HATTER: She calls them nonsense.

ALICE: Please explain more about the Natural thing.
MAD HATTER: Certainly. If a group of people were stranded on some island, and you built yourself a hut, well, everyone would understand that you own the hut because you worked to make it.

ALICE: And this would be true even if we had not yet formed a government. I see. But bullies might take it from me.
MAD HATTER: Indeed. The people who own things eventually band together to protect each other – this is how governments often begin.

ALICE: What other Natural Rights are there?
MAD HATTER: There are many, but the most famous are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

ALICE: Oh, those are from the Declaration of Independence, from the United States’ revolution.
MAD HATTER: Exactly so, this was the beginning of the first nation ever to be officially founded on Natural Law.




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