ALICE: Hatter, everyone told stories about how stupid the government is yesterday. Is it true? Why?
MAD HATTER: It’s true. The reason is because there is no reason for it to be smart.

ALICE: But doesn’t government want to help people?
MAD HATTER: They claim that, but the results run to the contrary.

ALICE: But why? The politicians are usually very well educated.
MAD HATTER: There are no consequences for failing. In fact, politicians need problems – so they can promise to fix them.

ALICE: Voters would figure that out, though, right?
MAD HATTER: No. Politicians claim to be making progress, but they always need more time and money.

ALICE: Hmm…. That is what I’ve seen.
MAD HATTER: The government can have a monopoly when they wish; they can make their competition illegal, or, just create red tape which exempts the government itself.

ALICE: Monopolies are bad, though.
MAD HATTER: Indeed. And the Government has a monopoly on the worst thing in the world: Aggressive force.

ALICE: Because they have courts police, jails, and even the IRS.
MAD HATTER: Exactly so.

ALICE: How does this make them stupid?
MAD HATTER: They never need to make money, they just raise taxes. And, knowing they can use force to win, they never need to be clever.

ALICE: Bullies are usually a bit stupid.
MAD HATTER: Yes, but then, the voters have their own issues as well.

ALICE: It seems like the biggest issue is the government itself.
MAD HATTER: Would you care for some tea?




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