Dorothy: I don’t understand taxes. Why are strangers taking the money I earned?
Wizard: You pay them to protect you.

Dorothy: But I don’t have a choice?
Wizard: People would not pay if they had a choice.

Dorothy: If I needed protection, I would be willing to pay.
Wizard: Trust me; you need protection — from those who collect the taxes.

Dorothy: If I don’t have a choice, then, isn’t it theft?
Wizard: Not according to the Judge.

Dorothy: Who is this Judge?
Wizard: A rich guy who is paid by your taxes.

Dorothy: I don’t like this, not one little bit.
Wizard: Try lying to yourself, it works for most people.

Taxes, Part II

Dorothy: Wizard, about taxes, there is more to it than just the Judge, isn’t there?
Wizard: Yes Dorothy. The Majority set up a system which let’s this happen.

Dorothy: Why does a group have the right to take what is mine, while I cannot take their stuff?
Wizard: Because they are stronger.

Dorothy: Might makes right, then?
Wizard: Only for the Government, who has a monopoly on legal aggressive force.

Dorothy: Wizard, you have explained the HOW, but not the WHY. By what RIGHT do they steal from me?
Wizard: I’ve studied this, and every attempted answer is a mere word salad of contradictions.

Dorothy: What other wretched things does the government let itself do to me?
Wizard: That totally depends on what the People will put up with.

Dorothy: This should be taught in our schools!
Wizard: In our government schools?

Dorothy: Oh, right.




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