ALICE: Hatter, Something is bothering me. The Dormouse said I use so much sugar it is a crime. Is it true?
MAD HATTER: The answer is either NO, or MAYBE, depending on the type of law.

ALICE: How awkward, how can it be maybe?
MAD HATTER: The Queen’s law depends on Her mood. Any government’s laws can change.

ALICE: But she changes her mind all the time! How can the answer be NO, then?
MAD HATTER: Well, Natural Law never changes, because it is based on principle.

ALICE: Not changing sounds safer. How does it work?
MAD HATTER: In Natural Law, if there is no one who was tricked, bullied, or hurt – without their consent – there is no crime.

ALICE: Well it’s just me eating sugar, so who cares?
MAD HATTER: If the Queen pays your medical bills, then she can order you to do almost anything.

ALICE: Oh dear!
MAD HATTER: Ah, did you never wonder why the Queen would go to all that trouble?

ALICE: Oh dear oh dear!
MAD HATTER: Free medicine is quite “dear” indeed – it costs us in more ways than most people realize.

ALICE: I think there should be a law against Queen herself!
MAD HATTER: Naturally so.




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