ALICE:  Hatter, what is a RIGHT?
MAD HATTER: There are two answers; the Queen says she may tax workers to give others what they need.

ALICE: Who determines what folks need?
MAD HATTER: The Queen, or your government.

ALICE: Oh, that seems odd. What about the other definition?
MAD HATTER: A RIGHT is something the Queen may not legally intrude on.

ALICE: So the two choices are, either stuff the Queen takes from some to give to others, or, things the Queen is forbidden to do.
MAD HATTER: Correct.

ALICE: Hatter, why have so many words been changed to give the government more power?
MAD HATTER: Like greed, justice, and rights?

MAD HATTER: Any government or Queen will use power to get even more power.

ALICE: In other words, power corrupts?
MAD HATTER: Exactly so.




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