ALICE: Hatter, I’m not sure my schooling is going so well.
MAD HATTER: Have your grades been bad?

ALICE: No, not at all – my grades are good!
MAD HATTER: Then what’s wrong?

ALICE: I wanted to improve my brain, but I don’t think it’s working.
MAD HATTER: What are they teaching you?

ALICE: The first thing was to sit still and pay attention. And next, to remember and repeat.
MAD HATTER: Oh. Remembering is not really thinking, is it?

ALICE: I’m not sure, but obeying and repeating seems, it seems like learning NOT to think.
MAD HATTER: Doing what authority tells one to do was never part of a classical education.

ALICE: What kind of education is it, then?
MAD HATER: It is the kind preferred by bullies.

ALICE: How can I learn to think, you know, like the classical critical thinkers?
MAD HATTER: Since you are already questioning authority, I think you are doing it already, all by yourself.

ALICE: Should I quit school, then?
MAD HATTER: No, you will get in trouble for that.

ALICE: Ah, well,  that kind of tells us what’s happening, doesn’t it?
MAD HATTER: Only if you can think for yourself!





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