ALICE: Hatter, the Dormouse said there is no real good or evil, that we just make it all up.
MAD HATTER: Some things are clearly good. When 99 different cultures all agree that things like honesty, loyalty, and bravery are good, then it’s just silly to pretend there are no universal values.

ALICE: But some of our values aren’t universal.
MAD HATTER: True. Different situations have different needs and priorities.

ALICE: So who is to say which bad things are really bad?
MAD HATTER: Folks will always debate the finer points, and turn to wise and objective voices to settle disputes.

ALICE: Why do so many argue so passionately against the idea of objective evil?
MAD HATTER: I’m sure there are many reasons, but a common one must be they wish to do evil things.

ALICE: Like what?
MAD HATTER: Most who deny objective virtue also want to, as they say, share the wealth.

ALICE: They want to take by force what others have earned.
MAD HATTER: And they want to pretend they are doing good as they do so, to make it easier to convince other laggards to support their efforts.

ALICE: So this entire argument is to let me claim there is no real reason I should not take part of your paycheck against your objections.
MAD HATTER: Exactly, this is what scoundrels do.




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