ALICE: Hatter, I was having lunch with the Dormouse yesterday when he told me I must be kind and tolerant of other points of view.
MAD HATTER: Like the golden rule, then?

ALICE: Not exactly, right then the White Rabbit dropped by, but the Dormouse was rude, and would not let him sit with us – all because the White Rabbit was tolerant of someone else.
MAD HATTER: Ah, for the Dormouse, being tolerant requires we be intolerant of the tolerant, then?

ALICE: Indeed. I was so upset I left. What kind of crazy is that?
MAD HATTER: It is called being “Politically Correct,” and it was developed by German Communists during the Second World War

ALICE: I’m sorry, what?
MAD HATTER: The Frankfurt School came to Columbia University in 1935. They developed “Critical Theory” and what is now called being “PC” in order to advance Communism.

ALICE: Oh my, this sounds just awful.
MAD HATTER: It is awful; PC is used to bully people into accepting crazy notions like tolerance means being intolerant.

ALICE: That is another strange word game, like greed, justice, and so many others.
MAD HATTER: Communist Professors are good at that.

ALICE: If people will believe tolerance means intolerance, then what else might they believe?
MAD HATTER: Things like “War is Peace” and whatever else Big Brother tells them to believe.

ALICE: I read that in a book, I think?
MAD HATTER: Yes, George Orwell’s 1984 – a classic.

ALICE: I thought that was fiction.
MAD HATTER: Don’t we wish!




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