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ALICE: Hatter, I was having lunch with the Dormouse yesterday when he told me I must be kind and tolerant of other points of view.
MAD HATTER: Like the golden rule, then?

ALICE: Not exactly, right then the White Rabbit dropped by, but the Dormouse was rude, and would not let him sit with us – all because the White Rabbit was tolerant of someone else.
MAD HATTER: Ah, for the Dormouse, being tolerant requires we be intolerant of the tolerant, then?

ALICE: Indeed. I was so upset I left. What kind of crazy is that?
MAD HATTER: It is called being “Politically Correct,” and it was developed by German Communists during the Second World War

ALICE: I’m sorry, what?
MAD HATTER: The Frankfurt School came to Columbia University in 1935. They developed “Critical Theory” and what is now called being “PC” in order to advance Communism.

ALICE: Oh my, this sounds just awful.
MAD HATTER: It is awful; PC is used to bully people into accepting crazy notions like tolerance means being intolerant.

ALICE: That is another strange word game, like greed, justice, and so many others.
MAD HATTER: Communist Professors are good at that.

ALICE: If people will believe tolerance means intolerance, then what else might they believe?
MAD HATTER: Things like “War is Peace” and whatever else Big Brother tells them to believe.

ALICE: I read that in a book, I think?
MAD HATTER: Yes, George Orwell’s 1984 – a classic.

ALICE: I thought that was fiction.
MAD HATTER: Don’t we wish!





ALICE: I don’t understand taxes. Why are strangers taking the money I earned?
MAD HATTER: You pay them to protect you.

ALICE: But I don’t have a choice?
MAD HATTER: People would not pay if they had a choice.

ALICE: If I needed protection, I would be willing to pay.
MAD HATTER: Trust me; you need protection — from those who collect the taxes.

ALICE: If I don’t have a choice, then, isn’t it theft?
MAD HATTER: Not according to the Judge.

ALICE: Who is this Judge?
MAD HATTER: A rich guy who is paid by your taxes.

ALICE: I don’t like this, not one little bit.
MAD HATTER: Try lying to yourself, it works for most people.

Part II

ALICE: Hatter, about taxes, there is more to it than just the Judge, isn’t there?
MAD HATTER: Yes Alice. The Majority set up a system which let’s this happen.

ALICE: Why does a group have the right to take what is mine, while I cannot take their stuff?
MAD HATTER: Because they are stronger.

ALICE: Might makes right, then?
MAD HATTER: Only for the Government, who has a monopoly on legal aggressive force.

ALICE: Hatter, you have explained the HOW, but not the WHY. By what RIGHT do they steal from me?
MAD HATTER: I’ve studied this, and every attempted answer is a mere word salad of contradictions.

ALICE: What other wretched things does the government let itself do to me?
MAD HATTER: That totally depends on what the People will put up with.

ALICE: This should be taught in our schools!
MAD HATTER: In our government schools?

ALICE: Oh, right.





ALICE: Hatter, I’m not sure my schooling is going so well.
MAD HATTER: Have your grades been bad?

ALICE: No, not at all – my grades are good!
MAD HATTER: Then what’s wrong?

ALICE: I wanted to improve my brain, but I don’t think it’s working.
MAD HATTER: What are they teaching you?

ALICE: The first thing was to sit still and pay attention. And next, to remember and repeat.
MAD HATTER: Oh. Remembering is not really thinking, is it?

ALICE: I’m not sure, but obeying and repeating seems, it seems like learning NOT to think.
MAD HATTER: Doing what authority tells one to do was never part of a classical education.

ALICE: What kind of education is it, then?
MAD HATER: It is the kind preferred by bullies.

ALICE: How can I learn to think, you know, like the classical critical thinkers?
MAD HATTER: Since you are already questioning authority, I think you are doing it already, all by yourself.

ALICE: Should I quit school, then?
MAD HATTER: No, you will get in trouble for that.

ALICE: Ah, well,  that kind of tells us what’s happening, doesn’t it?
MAD HATTER: Only if you can think for yourself!





ALICE: Hatter, do you know the Wizard of Oz? I have some questions about his curtain…
MAD HATTER: The Wizard is my step Brother, I know him quite well. What is your question?

ALICE: What was really behind his curtain?
MAD HATTER: Why, the most powerful money creation device ever seen.

ALICE: Amazing! But there was so little space back there. How is this possible?
MAD HATTER: Space is not important; no space is needed at all. It is the idea which became the Federal Reserve.

ALICE: How does an idea create money? Can I do it?
MAD HATTER: You cannot, that would be illegal.

ALICE: Oh, pity. Did the government buy it?
MAD HATTER: No, the government does not own it.

ALICE: But I thought it was “Federal” ?
MAD HATTER: Ah, that is what they want folks to think. But, no.

ALICE: If the reserves cannot fit behind the curtain, then where are they?
MAD HATTER: There are no reserves, and there never were.

ALICE: This is quite odd!
MAD HATTER: That is why it is behind a curtain!

ALICE: Well okay. But can you tell me how it creates wealth?
MAD HATTER: Alice, money is not wealth.

ALICE: You are frustrating me severely! What is money, then?
MAD HATTER: Money is debt.

ALICE: Preposterous!
MAD HATTER: That is what most people believe. The curtain is the most important part of all this!

ALICE: Does the Government at least own the newly created cash ?
MAD HATTER: Certainly not! The new cash is distributed by some very wise men.

ALICE: Oh my, that must be exciting. What do they do with it all?
MAD HATTER: They make sure those who control things are loyal to them.

ALICE: They purchase loyalty?
MAD HATTER: Exactly! They have used rivers of debt-money, which they call fiat currency, to control the Media, Hollywood, universities, financial instructions, politicians, and everything important.

MAD HATTER: Owe, indeed!

ALICE: Why don’t people know about this?
MAD HATTER: I just said they control the Media.

MAD HATTER: You are repeating yourself.

ALICE: But this is all so… stunning.
MAD HATTER: I suppose. More tea?

ALICE: I think we need a whole Tea Party!
MAD HATTER: Young lady, do you think you can fight City Hall?

ALICE: Come along Toto, we have work to do.




ALICE: Hatter, the Dormouse said there is no real good or evil, that we just make it all up.
MAD HATTER: Some things are clearly good. When 99 different cultures all agree that things like honesty, loyalty, and bravery are good, then it’s just silly to pretend there are no universal values.

ALICE: But some of our values aren’t universal.
MAD HATTER: True. Different situations have different needs and priorities.

ALICE: So who is to say which bad things are really bad?
MAD HATTER: Folks will always debate the finer points, and turn to wise and objective voices to settle disputes.

ALICE: Why do so many argue so passionately against the idea of objective evil?
MAD HATTER: I’m sure there are many reasons, but a common one must be they wish to do evil things.

ALICE: Like what?
MAD HATTER: Most who deny objective virtue also want to, as they say, share the wealth.

ALICE: They want to take by force what others have earned.
MAD HATTER: And they want to pretend they are doing good as they do so, to make it easier to convince other laggards to support their efforts.

ALICE: So this entire argument is to let me claim there is no real reason I should not take part of your paycheck against your objections.
MAD HATTER: Exactly, this is what scoundrels do.




ALICE:  Hatter, what is a RIGHT?
MAD HATTER: There are two answers; the Queen says she may tax workers to give others what they need.

ALICE: Who determines what folks need?
MAD HATTER: The Queen, or your government.

ALICE: Oh, that seems odd. What about the other definition?
MAD HATTER: A RIGHT is something the Queen may not legally intrude on.

ALICE: So the two choices are, either stuff the Queen takes from some to give to others, or, things the Queen is forbidden to do.
MAD HATTER: Correct.

ALICE: Hatter, why have so many words been changed to give the government more power?
MAD HATTER: Like greed, justice, and rights?

MAD HATTER: Any government or Queen will use power to get even more power.

ALICE: In other words, power corrupts?
MAD HATTER: Exactly so.




ALICE: Hatter, the White Rabbit said Participation Trophies are bad. What is wrong with making kids feel good?
MAD HATTER: Kids need to learn how to succeed. To be happy they need to find their natural skills.

ALICE: Won’t the trophy encourage them?
MAD HATTER: Well no, instead it satisfies them, letting them be happy in the absence of success.

ALICE: But kids need self-esteem, right?
MAD HATTER: Alice, self-esteem created without achievement promotes narcissism.

ALICE: What is narcissism?
MAD HATTER: Its when a person thinks so much of themselves they don’t much care about others.

ALICE: So… if I get a trophy for no real reason, then I think I’m simply so wonderful I don’t need to work?
MAD HATTER: Exactly.

ALICE: That makes sense, actually. Why would trained educators not understand this?
MAD HATTER: Most do, sadly. you see, people who don’t find their talents, and who expect gifts for no reason, they can be controlled.

ALICE: They will just show up and demand a trophy which means….
MAD HATTER: Which means scoundrels can then buy their votes…

ALICE: … using share-the-wealth, again!
MAD HATTER: Exactly- Folks who really deserve trophies because of what they do are taxed to buy the fake trophies for those who’ve been taught to just show up.

ALICE: Oh Hatter….
MAD HATTER: Have some more tea, because it gets worse…


ALICE: What is worse than participation trophies?
MAD HATTER: The kids who grow up and create successful businesses are told “You didn’t build that.”

ALICE: But… no one else built them, so how does that make sense?
MAD HATTER: Others invented the wheel, built the roads, made the laws, so nothing is made in a vacuum.

ALICE: So what, though? If I baked a cake then I baked a cake.
MAD HATTER: Of course, but logic is not the point of the argument.

ALICE: Go on.
MAD HATTER: The point is the politicians want to tax everything, so claiming you didn’t build it means you cannot complain no matter how much the government takes from your endeavor.

ALICE: So those who’ve earned only Participation Trophies feel like they are equals to those who actually make a big difference?
MAD HATTER: Exactly. Those people are groomed to demand their share, regardless of their contributions. It seems fair to them — they cannot see a difference!

ALICE: And so many people won’t even feel obligated to do their best.
MAD HATTER: This is literally a disease of the mind; it leads to both economic and spiritual poverty.

ALICE: And to think it all seemed almost harmless! I can see why you might be Mad!
MAD HATTER: Yes, educators harming children and society for political reasons should upset everyone.