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Stating the Obvious

Most politicians want to “do something” and that’s why they ran in the first place. Politicians make promises… candidates who promise to do as little as possible only win in Texas.

Doing things costs money. The Government doesn’t create products so they cannot raise money the old fashioned way. They can offer services, but for some reason government services are universally rotten; they only make a profit when they eliminate all competition. So politicians have little to do until they come up with a scheme to get some cash. Beg, borrow, or steal… print, borrow, or tax.

The enterprising politician feels a need to unveil a trophy before the elections. A bridge, a program, a missile…useful things if possible, but most important is something superficially impressive. But you don’t impress folks by spending the same amount as you spent last time. Oh no, we need to make a splash… a bigger splash for each election cycle. Like most young men know, it takes the right car to impress the right girl. And the girl wants the right shoes… it’s just human nature.

Spending money and making promises can get a nation, state, or city into trouble. Ask Detroit or California. When things go poorly you need a scapegoat. Ask any politician running for re-election in this economy. They blame everyone for… wait for it… for not giving them the power to spend even more.

Now we’ve promised bottomless entitlements to an aging population from a shrinking work force. Earlier we promised ever expanding housing prices that lead to a collapse of both the housing market and the banking industry. These problems were caused by our government. Promise and spend, hope and change, compassionate conservatism…. both parties and most of the politicians have done this to us. Some are worse than others, but the real problem is how the voters vote for promises.

It’s not just that there is no free lunch. That one seemingly free lunch you voted for yourself cost us 135,877.92 $$ and that was before we tipped the entire House & Senate. They told you it was someone else’s money, but now you’ve been out of work for a year.

We blame Bush for spending too much money but then we spend even more!

Wake up America… wake up.


Devil in the Details

The Founders rebelled against instances of the Kings’ Positive Law while swearing eternal allegiance to Natural Law. The Founders knew even if the Constitution was changed to allow the Government to violate our unalienable rights including life & liberty, that such a change could never remove the violation, which is why the word unalienable is there.

A Government might levy arbitrary taxes and force us to host his soldiers. It might punish us for exercising our Freedom Of Speech. But even when it is a Government who legally breaks Natural Law, that breaking remains immoral.

A tax levied “per adult head” without exception is probably moral, but a progressive tax applied multiple times to the same income is not! The 16th Amendment allows such immoral taxes to be legal, but it can never make them moral.

Conversely, breaking the Governments’ Positive Law (when not also Natural Law) is risky – but not immoral. When a Government breaks Natural Law the term is tyranny. Resisting tyranny is a moral act, but submitting to or passively witnessing tyranny is either amoral or immoral.

This has been my view of the Founder’s views. The distinction I’ve made here explains to me why a group of mainly well-to-do businessmen risked their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

Why does this matter today? While Chief Justice John Roberts had precise technical reasons for allowing ObamaCare to be Constitutional given the unrestricted language of the 16th Amendment, he utterly failed to protect our Natural Rights. The Court was not created to perform dry readings of our Constitution! Indeed, the only “living” aspect of the Constitution is its own “unalienable” obligation to define and defend our Higher Rights and the Higher Law that nearly all Americans used to understand. Judge Roberts went horribly astray because he failed to uphold his most sacred duty: defending our unalienable rights.

A Stairway To Progress

Ivy League Progressive Elites:  

01  They are gifted academically, the best of the best.

02  They develop the pride & arrogance commensurate with their success.

03  Their gifts do not translate into commerce, where they are mocked for their arrogance and ignorance.

04  They reject the private sector & Capitalism as much as it rejects them.

05  To demonstrate their skills they develop unproven ideas, such as Marxism and Nihilism.

06  Their academic skills are well suited to propaganda.

07  Using prestige and propaganda, they are often elected to public office.

08  But their ideas flop in the real world.

09  Their pride prevents them from seeing the how their schemes can never work.

10  So they blame the real world for not sufficiently supporting their schemes.

11  And they try again on a bigger & bigger scale.

12  Leading to Depressions, Wars, Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Banking Failures, etc.

13  Which requires monumental scapegoating and passionate hatred towards those who “ruined” their masterful plans.

14  Until people see through the propaganda.

15  Which forces the Progressives to buy additional supporters, using government power to share the wealth.

16  Which creates disincentives to work and a cycle of economic decline.

17  Which requires more hatred to redirect to political enemies.

18  Until we run out of the money they need to maintain their political support.

19  At which time the economy collapses.

20  Socialism has never worked — stop the music!

**  Track the history of Progressivism and State-ism to the Universities, where bad ideas are born. These Professors are seriously good a propaganda & the ideas will appeal to many, but they are poisonous.

Saul Alinsky: Closet Conservative?

I felt I had to read Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals after hearing about how it became the playbook that President Obama used to advance his career and win the 2008 election. I had earlier heard about how influential it has been with journalists, but as the Health Care bill was passed the mild buzz surrounding the book expanded further. I was not looking forward to what I feared would be a loathsome exposition attacking the values I hold most dear. But, as many say: keep your friends close, but you better know what your enemy is up to.

Yes, Mr. Alinsky is the man who recommended throwing a brick through your own window and blaming your opponents. Yes, he advocates the using the Ends to Justify the Means of very dirty tricks. And yet, by Jiminy, I was amazed to find many strong conservative thoughts & values, long been abandoned by the Progressive Left. From the prologue of the paperback edition, Vintage Books edition, October, 1989:

 Page xvii:

 “Others, sick with guilt and not knowing where to turn or what to do went berserk. These were the Weathermen and their like: they took the grand cop-out, suicide. To these I have nothing to say or give but pity – and in some cases contempt, for such as these leave their dead comrades and take off for Algeria or other points.”

Okay, he has little tolerance for extremists. Good!

Page xxiv:

“The democratic ideal springs from the ideas of liberty, equality, majority rule through free elections, protection of the rights of minorities, and freedom to subscribe to multiple loyalties in matters of religion, economics, and politics rather than to a total loyalty to the state. The spirit of democracy is the idea of importance and worth of the individual, and faith in the kind of world where the individual can achieve as much of his potential as possible.”

Freedom of religion? The worth of the individual over the state? Individuals achieving as much potential as possible? From any other man, today’s press would call this grossly reactive. One can nearly smell the disintegrating paper that holds what’s left of the Constitution.

Page xxv:

“We are not here concerned with people who profess the democratic faith but yearn for the dark security of dependency where they can be spared the burden of decisions. Reluctant to grow up, or incapable of doing so, they want to remain children and be cared for by others. Those who can, should be encouraged to grow; for the others, the fault lies not in the system but in themselves.”

Wait. What? People who will not or cannot take responsibility are not the fault of the system? Mr. Alinsky, would you care for a cup of tea?

There is more after the prologue. On page 12 he salutes the preciousness of human life and commends our Judaeo-Christian values. On page 13 he notes that while laws are made for the common good, they are sadly implemented for the common greed. On page 47 he extols the Bill Of Rights. On page 73 he repeats how much he loathes all forms of dogma. Page 78 he warns not to become a true believer in any cause.

Page 123:

“We learn, when we respect the dignity of the people, that they cannot be denied the elementary right to participate fully in the solutions to their own problems. Self-respect arises only out of people who play an active role in solving their own crises and who are not helpless, passive, puppet-like recipients of private or public services. To give people help, while denying them a significant part in the action, contributes nothing to the development of the individual. In the deepest sense it is not giving but taking — taking their dignity. Denial of the opportunity to participate is the denial of human dignity and democracy. It will not work.”

So… giving to people who do not play a significant part in the action… takes their dignity?

Page 124:

“Even Freedom, as a gift, is deficient in dignity…”

I never, ever dreamed the infamous Saul Alinsky would be the emblem of the Left’s tragically deceased Jiminy Cricket.

The Road to the Dustbin

Left to develop on their own, people will be lazy, dishonest bullies. History shows the groups of people who made so much as a footnote found some way to deal with raw human nature. There are nuances, but all morality is not subjective – every known culture has valued honesty, loyalty, hard work, and bravery. This helps explain why religion plays a prominent role in the origins of every new group: pushing people beyond their impulses requires leverage. Some people do better at “wearing” the higher values than others, but the human condition is such that we remain instinctively “sinful” at heart.

As a culture becomes more successful, its need to imprint those values diminishes. It takes energy to motivate people to rise above their nature. Larger populations can tolerate more loafers & liars. Larger societies who adopt a more pure form of Democracy will encounter a problem: aspiring leaders will pander to the loafers. After all, telling people what they want to hear is a winner. If it feels good, do it. Share the wealth. All values are subjective. And so on.

Those original values are still the key to progress, but an amoral cascade builds as people forget, leading to an avalanche of sloth, crime, and generally nonfunctional behavior. If people don’t need to work, they won’t. Many politicians will disagree. They will distract us with crises, tangents, and scapegoats. But as the fundamental values are marginalized, the quality of life will decrease.

The framers of the US Constitution did not create a Democracy. They wrote at length at history’s judgment of Democratic societies – they all failed. Originally, most States only allowed property owners to vote. The elections were not “direct” but instead diffused through the indirect Republican format. The “tyranny of the majority” was known & feared & documented. The rights of the minority were protected by the Bill of Rights, including the long forgotten 9th and 10th amendments. Those “unalienable rights” that justified the revolution were to be protected from the majority.

For 100 years schools have taught the USA is a Democracy, where every person has the innate right to vote. The motive behind this distortion: to break down the protections of a certain minority: property owners. The goal: win elections by sharing the wealth. The effect: rapidly decreasing productivity & unsustainable debts and consumer prices, leading to a lower standard of living.

We approach the fiscal cliff… as politicians still say we can ignore the values that built our nation. Food stamps, bottomless unemployment and welfare might sound kind, but if people do not have to work, they won’t. Wake up America.

The Stump Speech – Rino Watch

The government has three ways to fund things, each causes unemployment. Money left in the private sector continually rewards the best products and services, encouraging the changes people want. Removing wealth slows down growth. Because government spending is fickle, it causes housing, banking, & employment bubbles, causing recessions. The government is never as fair or efficient as We-the-People. The government funds things by taxing, borrowing, and printing. Each lowers our standard of living, hitting the poor the hardest. The way out for the unemployed poor is to re-limit government. Then “the economy” will find a way to use everyone. That is the beauty of unfettered capitalism, it “wants” to make everyone productive.

The Statists now running the Democratic party and most of the Media as well, they love government, and they want us all to be dependent on the State. Food stamps are the ultimate gun control. But Reagan knew the more government you have, the more you need, and the worse things get. Every crises leads to more government, and more government leads to another crises.

Power corrupts in proportion to the strength of the power. A strong central government is the most dangerous thing on the planet. Groups have much lower thresholds for ethical restraint than do individuals, and the larger the group the smaller the conscience. A government is a corporation who is a monopoly with a license to use force in the form of fines, police, and jails.

A government will always sell itself to corporations, which is why relying of government to be a watchdog is far, far worse than just naivety. The government gives cover to the corruption, and helps them squash competition. Too big to fail… asking a government to watch corporations will lead to a fascist state. “We need a strong government to protect us from monopolies” said no person with an ounce of foresight, ever. But if you tie down the government with Natural Law, then they cannot encroach so much.

Progressive taxes fund our foreign wars. Without those taxes, we come home. When we give the government a power to do something we like, we get something we hate. Like Vietnam. Progressive taxes have funded the war-on-poverty, but the results have fallen short of the dream. Adding money to a problem often makes the problem worse. That is how money works, it fertilizes, regardless of the intentions.

I want to bring our troops home, but I know it cannot happen in 5 years. We have dug a hole & we cannot just snap our fingers and walk away. And we have to pay for a safety net for the current seniors. It was implemented as a wicked ponzi scheme. A nice idea, but done so poorly the collapse was inevitable.

It will take time, but let’s trim the Federal powers and transfer them to the States. Let’s get back to a gold & silver standard – no more games with the money. We need to balance the budget before jobs return, and THEN the income from employed people paying taxes will come back. We cannot spend our way out of debt, that really is as dumb as it sounds. That is the quality of thought we get from our government & the evening news.

This is simple stuff, jobs, budgets, recessions, and all of it. The reason you have not heard this is a lot of powerful people don’t want you to know. They use all the money to buy votes and influence. But you already know Washington is corrupt. Please help me fix it by cutting it down to size.


Remember when the Media claimed to be objective?  The mask has finally come completely off. The Press and Educators have been working for their Progressive, one-world government agenda since 1912. They are clever and sinister, happily accusing their enemies, those who support the Constitution as it was written, of the very crimes they commit. The vast majority of things you’ve heard in public since you were born have been filtered by people on a crusade to expand government. Take a moment, and step back:  A great many of the things you know, are false.

The classic American culture emphasizes self reliance and independence. These values oppose the Progressives whose goal is to make us all dependent on the biggest possible government. For decades Conservatives rested, falsely confident in the self-evident virtue of our values. The waves of propaganda from the media and indoctrination from our teachers have slowly eroded the beliefs that used to form our common moral base.

Well, now we know. Now we know we must rise to every challenge. People who work hard and who takes risks deserve to keep the lion’s share of their labor. Industry and technology are great for all people, rich and poor alike. We cannot trust the Government to judge who has too much wealth because politicians will find a way to make the system work to increase their own power. Everyone knows this.

Progressives will tell you I am playing on your fears. Of course, that is what they have been doing to you since you were born.  How many of the crises from the last 100 years were either fostered or created by people hoping we would turn to them for help?

If a bigger government can prevent crises and cure poverty, then how does one explain what has happened in recent years? If a huge government caused these problems, how could an even bigger government do better? Even if you like this government, do you want the politicians coming from future elections to ALL have so much more power?

What happened to our faith in self reliance and independence? What happened?

Please take a step back and think about the current mess and ask why anyone should believe the government that got us into the mess deserves more power to enact a cure. A great many of the things you know, are false.