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Assorted posts from this weekend…

We can never be too clear on our fundamental principles and values. For me, i see conservatives who are confused and think the power of the govt can be tamed. The founders said no. And… We need to come together on the role of govt and the nature of power.

Most of us think of a positive outcome when we see a problem & someone says “the USG should help with that” but this ENTIRELY misses the nature of govt & power.

A Horse, fearing a Wolf & knowing Man does too, asks for help. Using a saddle & bridle they defeat the Wolf. The Horse asks for his freedom, but the Man just laughs. Get it?

Public schools and anything publicly funded will, over time, adopt a pro-state, pro-state-expansion orientation. This could be called financial gravity.

Scientists who work for universities who receive millions of dollars from the USG lose their objectivity. Having the USG subsidize things is wrong for more reasons besides that was money taken from the economy from people who earned it — the money also corrupts the receivers — be they welfare recipients or scientists.

“I’m sorry I mocked Christine O’Donnell. I did it, and I was wrong. The party failed to support her, and I admit that some wanted her to fail. As long as my party has factions that will not show respect to people like Palin and Bachmann, I know we will stay right where we are, treading water. I was wrong and I’ve learned my lesson. The GOP must respect the Constitution and must shrink the USG in real terms. I am now working to reform the GOP itself” said no GOP insider, ever.

I don’t adore the wise words from the Bible that inspired the Founders because they came from the Bible, I adore them because they are wise. Note how 99% of the Bible was NOT used by the Founders, because most of the Bible applies to personal conduct.

Much is said about how the Constitution did not initially grant Blacks or Women the right to vote. Of course, White Men were also not granted suffrage — the rules were left for the States to decide. From the beginning there were places where women & blacks were equal. The USG was not seen as the solution to problems, but instead as a clear and present danger.

If I just came out and told everyone how our notion that all citizens should be allowed to vote was actually a new and radical perversion that enabled socialism, why, your school-taught indoctrination would kick in and you would not spend two seconds thinking about it.

I call them the LOST TRIBE of Conservatives, those who stopped voting after Bush 41 broke his “read my lips” followed by Dole/Bush/McCain/Romney. Can we find them & bring them back?