ALICE: Hatter, do you know the Wizard of Oz? I have some questions about his curtain…
MAD HATTER: The Wizard is my step Brother, I know him quite well. What is your question?

ALICE: What was really behind his curtain?
MAD HATTER: Why, the most powerful money creation device ever seen.

ALICE: Amazing! But there was so little space back there. How is this possible?
MAD HATTER: Space is not important; no space is needed at all. It is the idea which became the Federal Reserve.

ALICE: How does an idea create money? Can I do it?
MAD HATTER: You cannot, that would be illegal.

ALICE: Oh, pity. Did the government buy it?
MAD HATTER: No, the government does not own it.

ALICE: But I thought it was “Federal” ?
MAD HATTER: Ah, that is what they want folks to think. But, no.

ALICE: If the reserves cannot fit behind the curtain, then where are they?
MAD HATTER: There are no reserves, and there never were.

ALICE: This is quite odd!
MAD HATTER: That is why it is behind a curtain!

ALICE: Well okay. But can you tell me how it creates wealth?
MAD HATTER: Alice, money is not wealth.

ALICE: You are frustrating me severely! What is money, then?
MAD HATTER: Money is debt.

ALICE: Preposterous!
MAD HATTER: That is what most people believe. The curtain is the most important part of all this!

ALICE: Does the Government at least own the newly created cash ?
MAD HATTER: Certainly not! The new cash is distributed by some very wise men.

ALICE: Oh my, that must be exciting. What do they do with it all?
MAD HATTER: They make sure those who control things are loyal to them.

ALICE: They purchase loyalty?
MAD HATTER: Exactly! They have used rivers of debt-money, which they call fiat currency, to control the Media, Hollywood, universities, financial instructions, politicians, and everything important.

MAD HATTER: Owe, indeed!

ALICE: Why don’t people know about this?
MAD HATTER: I just said they control the Media.

MAD HATTER: You are repeating yourself.

ALICE: But this is all so… stunning.
MAD HATTER: I suppose. More tea?

ALICE: I think we need a whole Tea Party!
MAD HATTER: Young lady, do you think you can fight City Hall?

ALICE: Come along Toto, we have work to do.




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